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There are SO many pagan pages out there...if you have come here looking to learn about pagan ways, please see the sites listed under "links" below. Lily and I wanted to do something a little different. I don't particularly like to talk about my religious beliefs. I think of it as a VERY personal matter...However, I did want to have a page of "pagan" things. There are links, of course, we've sifted through some of the many pagan sites for you and picked out some of our favorites. There is also some reading material, taken and adapted to our liking from the web and various non-web pagan sources... This page is frequently updated. Please check back often!

Some reading material...

The Charge of the Goddess

The Charge of the God

The Rede, courtesy of the Blue Crescent Coven of the Standing Stumps

The Wheel of the Year

The Mother of the Gods and the Father of the Gael




Catala's Resources

Links to Witch/Pagan personal pages, Magickal Shops, Pagan Zines, Free Pagan Graphics, and more...

Robin Wood's Livingtree Grove

Tarot, Magic, Pagan Graphics, stories, and so on...

Morgana's Observatory

The skies and all kinds of other stuff, myths, mysterious places, herbs, prophecy...

The Witches' Web

In the process of being updated, but still an informative site, with a great Book of Days (and nights!)...

Pagan Best of the Web

More links, and the site of the oldest pagan award on the net!

FullMoonRisingA great page by FireFaery!

Coven of the Moon a very informative site

Tons of reading excellent site

The name "Queen Moon" is the translation from the Sumerian of the name of the Great Goddess they worshipped...Inanna. Eileen Holland has an excellent page on Inanna




last edited 8 March 1999

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