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Dragons I Know


I know more than a few dragons. They seem drawn to castles, for some reason. There are the dragons that live in the mountains, near the dwarves. They are a little standoffish, but nice enough once you get to know them. There are the water dragons, those that live in the lake near the castle, who are always very friendly. There are some migrating flying dragons who stop by the castle every year. We always throw a big party for them. They really know how to have a good time.

But my favorite dragons actually live in the castle with me. There are three, and I consider them some of my best friends. The first, Lloyd, doesn't actually live IN the castle. He is a water dragon, and lives in the moat. We had originally asked him to live there for protection, but soon discovered he wasn't much good for that. He is far too nice a dragon to even attempt to intimidate someone. Not that we have much trouble here, anyway...This is a picture of the original Lloyd, who passed on some time ago. The new Lloyd looks very much the same, though much bigger, and he doesn't care to have his picture taken...

The second dragon is George. He is a flying dragon, but not a migrating one. He came with the castle. Of the three, he is the least friendly to strangers (of course, he's always perfectly civil to me, but then I feed him...). He has a room in the dungeon, where he spends most of the day. Flying dragons are sensitive to both the heat and the sun, in case you didn't know. At night he likes to fly up to the top of the left front turret, right above my pottery room (see Tour My Castle for more info on the layout of the castle) and look at the moon, when it is out. He also has a "friend" (I think they might be romantically involved, but don't tell him I told you that) that he likes to visit. She is one of the mountain dragons, I think, but he's never introduced us, so I can't be sure. This is George. He really does breathe fire, though he's very polite about it...


The third dragon is Q. He is quite unique, in my eyes. He's a rare Mighty Yawning Lap Dragon. He's small, for a dragon, hence the term, "lap". But he makes up for his size with his ferocious growling and barking, which he does almost incessantly. When he's not barking or growling, he's yawning. We think he might be narcoleptic. We are always catching him asleep by the fire, or napping in my favorite chair. He is free to roam anywhere he likes in the castle, but you'll usually find him near a fire, or some other snuggly warm place. Lap dragons are VERY sensitive to the cold...At night he sleeps with me, but when I am entertaining during the day, he spends his time out front with William, who is kind enough to greet people for me at the front door. This is Q


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Kyl's Medieval and Fantasy Clipart


Malathar's Animated Gifs


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