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The Deadly Queen Nightshade welcomes you to her homepage. Here you will find

pictures of her kittens, Moose and Squirrel,some information on their favorite activities,

and a few links to some of her favorite cat-oriented pages. Enjoy!



The Deadly Queen as a kitten...


And the Deadly Queen today


Moose and Squirrel were born June 20, 1998


And more pictures of them...


And a more recent one of Squirrel...

(that's all Nightshade has right now, but many more to come!!!)

We enjoy many of the same hobbies as most other cats...chasing fairies

(those that are invisible to humans)

and insects, and dust bunnies (our humans are NOT domestically inclined..) and staying up

all night to keep the humans awake. We also enjoy eating (of course) and sitting

in the window. We hope that our lazy unambitious humans find a house of their own soon,

because right now we all live together in someone's basement, and it's a little crowded

for our tastes. We would MUCH prefer to have an entire house to rule over.

Maybe someday...

For now, we will content ourselves with the basement window, and surfing the net.

Find some of our favorite sites below.



Beware of Cat

Totally Cats

The Cat Fanciers Web Site

The Pet Channel

Some friends of ours have their own page, too. They love visitors...Our Friends

A little something EVERY cat should read...Basic Rules For Cats Who Have a House to Run

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