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There is nothing so wild and untamed as the sea.

It is where I go to relax, and to focus. Each body of water has its own personality,

and its own beauty. All life began in the ocean, and I think that's why so many are drawn to it,

not only for its beauty, but for its power and mystery...

This is alleged to be the birthplace of Aphrodite...I assume it's somewhere in Greece...

These are pictures of the ocean at Curacao, off the coast of Venezuela. I went there with a friend a few years ago. The Caribbean Sea is beyond description ...

Truro, on Cape Cod, one of my favorite, most peaceful places...

Mostly I just go and sit at the beach and think. I don't consider myself an expert on the subject.

I don't know a lot about oceanic life, or about tides and waves, or why whales sing to one another.

But below you will find a list of places where you may be able to find these things out...I'm always

working on it, and if you know of any good sites I have missed, please let my good friend Queen Moon know.



I love puffins, too. I just think they are very cool birds...Had to include the picture.

Being obsessed with the ocean, one cannot help but be obsessed with all its legends and folklore,

especially mermaids (and mermen, of course). Below you'll find some of my favorite mermaid sites...

Mermaid Links

Frodo's Mermaid Haus

Water Spirit Legends


Sea Tails Online

Mermaid's Rest

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