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There is nothing so wild and untamed as the sea.

It is where I go to relax, and to focus.

All life began in the ocean, and I think that's why so many are drawn to it,

not only for its beauty, but for its power and mystery...

The ocean is something of an obsession of mine,

and so I find myself fascinated by all

the legends and folklore surrounding it.

Like my sisters, I am intrigued by fairies,

and what are mermaids but fairies of the water?

They are at the very least distant cousins to the Fae.

Below you'll find links to some of my favorite mermaid sites...


Frodo's Mermaid Haus

Water Spirit Legends


Sea Tails Online

Mermaid's Rest

Mermaids, sirens, water nymphs...They have all fascinated mankind for thousands of years.

Why? Perhaps they are manifestations of the power of the sea. Perhaps they were wished into existence by hopeful, lonely sailors on a long voyage. But I believe they truly do exist, although, like fairies, it is unlikely you would ever meet one. It could be that they are frightened of humans (and who could blame them? We are a destructive, nasty race), or of being captured and taken back to some laboratory to be dissected and studied and displayed in an aquarium. I think it most likely however, that they no longer consort with humans because they have no use for a race that has no respect for something as awesome as the Sea, or for the planet we all share...


Sharks and mermaids? An odd combination? Perhaps...But my SJ LOVES sharks...

I am including this link for no other reason than I LOVE Dr. Seuss...

Dr. Seuss's Seussville

the three paintings above are by Waterhouse

the picture is of Curacao and was taken by Queen Moon







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